From Glamorous Star Fragrances To Stylish Lifestyle Fragrances


Fragrances lend moments an unforgettable magic power. They enchant and seduce you and awaken unbridled passion through their playfulness. From glamorous star perfumes to stylish lifestyle perfumes through to timeless LR Classics – LR offers a great variety of high-quality Perfumes. For every occasion, every mood, every taste and in different price ranges. Recognised globally as a competent partner in the area of fragrance composition, LR Health & Beauty is a trusted partner for numerous successful superstars.

The results are individual fragrance compositions with international star appeal, in which celebrities are involved from the very beginning. Fragrances with an individual character and the unique personal touch of the stars. High-quality ingredients and a high content of perfume oils with long-lasting fragrance strength well beyond the market average are the hallmarks of all LR fragrances. Based on decades of fragrance expertise, LR creates Eau de Parfum “Made in Germany” in cooperation with renowned international perfumers – made for you!

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